Why do you need donations?

Right now our monthly costs to operate is very low, only around $15 per month. We plan on never adding any advertisements to the site so we need to get that from somewhere.


What will you spend donations on?

As mentions above for now the maintenance costs. Once we generate a bit more we will start looking into buying scenes we can’t find anywhere online (you can help by donating scenes we don’t have too read ). Some of these DVDs will cost as much as $30 or we may be able to get them ‘On demand’ through online streaming. There is a long list of scenes we don’t have and I’m sure that will keep growing.


Why should I donate?

Well that’s up to you. We have over 1000+ scenes you have access to and can even download. Other porn sites would charge a monthly fee of $20+ for that kind of access.


How can I donate?

Right now we only accept the online crypto currency Bitcoin. You can donate BTC to our address 3GN7LTGcZaC2SqkqCNPn7JwvDDE9mtFoHb



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